Changes to my racing simulator. Updates with part list and cost

So I have plans to make a YouTube video coming up in the next two weeks or so, but I've already managed to receive a handful of pieces to my simulator that I want to start sharing. If you don't follow me too closely on social media, I'm in the process of moving into a new home very soon. I currently live with a friend (Which was great since I was commuting way further before), but I just locked in a deal at a new place.

I've been planning the setup I want to create for over 5-6 months now? I finally have the vision since I'll have room to build everything and invite people over to have some sim-parties.

If you didn't see my last video, I basically built a full system with a PC, Fanatec wheel, pedals and base with an RSeat rig. You need to custom build these in pieces, they don't really sell them all together which is kinda lame. I would 100% invest in making a website that pieces everything together soon. I may do that, but for now I'll just focus on sharing the build I have. This was the setup I had built, which the video managed to get some good views. A bit over 650,000 views right now!

So after experiencing that, I ended up selling all of it and saying I wasn't interested. I know, lame move on my part. I just wasn't in a good head space, very overweight, depressed and in a weird spot as a business owner. Now a year later I'm thankfully about 30-35 pounds down, pretty good in life and ready to get back into it. (I was pretty embarrassed on camera and I had to get over that by losing weight). I wasn't even able to fit in a bucket seat that I wanted, so thankfully after dropping 30 pounds I had no issue getting into one, haha.

I ended up going with a SIM-LAB P1X rig. They shipped it from Netherlands so it took 4-6 weeks, but I was ok with that since I'm not able to even set it up yet. I also got the Sim-Lab seat, which arrives in a week or two since it's back ordered, but in the mean time I went with something custom that I can talk about soon.

I have actually 3 seats I have plans to use. This is the one (in the picture) that I'm getting but in Black I believe. It's your standard racing seat that's a "GT" style. I also have a Formula 1 seat coming that is angled back. It's called the SF1 seat. Then I picked up a carbon Kevlar seat that's custom made. I'm experimenting with my own products/ideas for the Sim racing community and I may just see if I can tap into the market maybe later this year. I just want to get set up and start racing.

I believe that next week I should have a few more parts coming in (Steering wheel, pedals and my steering wheel base. I went with Fanatec again, but may consider SimCube one day. This whole idea is a "budget build". You'll be pretty surprised at how affordable this can BE, compared to the setups that are $10,000+. I went with a simple setup of the CSL Elite Pedals from Fanatec, along with a CSL wheel base, and the Formula 1 style steering wheel. I will use Xbox to start with (To play with my friends), and then upgrade to PC later on. This will help keep cost down to do sim racing for beginners.

I have just a few more days to wait, then I can start really building all of this along with sharing all the products on my social media. I will do a full review on the products, list the retail prices, along with what I think about the entire setup of each product.

Here's a link to all the Fanatec gear. I'll get a link soon for the SIMLAB P1X setup. Would love to see if I can work something out to get a affiliate program with them or discount code. I'm beyond excited! Can't wait to share more!