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Eventuri Plenum Review for E92 M3 (Carbon Fiber Intake from Eventuri)

So if you're looking to purchase an Eventuri Intake/Plenum/Airbox, this article may help you understand a bit more about the hype behind these and how to justify the price to pay for these. I'll give you my honest opinion about these products from an owners standpoint, and I'll be very honest about my partnership with Eventuri from the beginning. I already have two videos on the unboxing, as well as the install on my 2011 E92 M3.

Eventuri Plenum / Airbox for S65 E92 M3

Eventuri Air Intake for S65 E92 M3

Roughly two years ago I had discovered a YouTube channel called "Evolve Automotive". I saw a few videos of their company "Eventuri" doing a test with their carbon fiber plenum on an E92 M3. They had put the car on a dyno with a leaf blower in the front. I was confused, but I realized they were testing the air flow of the carbon fiber air duct that goes in the front left corner of the bumper. This feeds air into the intake system with a much more "fluid" design for airflow.

(Don't mind my bad paint, I had it corrected after this video). But this piece right here just made me super interested since they had used a meter to measure how fluid the air was. It changed the turbulence of airflow of what kind of air was entering the air intake. I was blown away and very interested in this product.

I had left a few comments on the videos of E9X's with the plenum and went on my way to check out their website to see that it was rather on the expensive side. But this was when I was about 25-26 years old? I wasn't ballin, but I had some money to play with when I was building my E90 M3. These setups between the plenum, carbon fiber lid, intake system and duct, it's about $3,000 or so give or take depending on who you go through, so it's on the pricer side, but let's back up to when I received mine.

I went back and forth with Eventuri for awhile asking if I could review their product. They were very fair with me offering something that made sense, so we placed the order and I waited. Sure enough after a few weeks, my order shipped out to California. I heard a truck pull up, looked out the window at my office and I saw a DHL truck... I knew it was here. I saw the delivery man come up to my office with a BUNCH of boxes that said EVENTURI all over it. I told my friend who works at my company to not look... I wanted to surprise him, lol. So I grabbed my camera and started filming. You can see in this video the reaction of when it showed up.

I was beyond excited. I had to get a lot of work done that week, so I put the boxes under a desk in my office and tried to contain my excitement for those few days before my shop could install it. But... I HAD to unbox it and make a video showing just the unboxing experience from beginning to end. I was able to capture my real, genuine reaction to all the carbon parts in about a 15-20 minute video. It was a cool experience to share with the world on my YouTube channel.

In the video above I had Parker film my reaction as well as get some detailed shots of EACH part on how well they're packaged, how well they're built and also how light the parts are. I tried to make sure that in my review I shared every aspect that people may not think about. My strategy is always to provide not just entertainment, but knowledge and education throughout ALL my videos. This helps provide value to my viewers for the long run, not just asking for a "view" to make money off of it. This is a career to me that I take very seriously and that I enjoy a lot.

We wanted to film how cool the boxes were. I still have this box in my office holding some laptop chargers and other things. The quality of the boxes were amazing, haha. I was impressed by the packaging and how well it was protected. VERY good work from Eventuri, you can tell they take pride in what they do just by the care for the shipping.

We pulled the first few things out which were the carbon fiber intake, a few hats they sent, o-rings, and the duct. But the main thing I wanted to see was the plenum. My first reaction was just insane... I couldn't believe how light the plenum actually was. It made us both laugh at how you expect something to be heavy and it's just not.

Started shuffling through some more of the carbon bits and took a nice detailed look at the main jewelry piece, the carbon fiber plenum airbox. It was just something that made me a bit emotional... I had spent so MANY NIGHTS watching videos of E9X's with this system. I would just laugh at how sick it sounded. It was like a DTM racecar at full throttle, but in a street car. It just sounded so proper for the S65 V8. I had dreamt of owning car parts like this since I was probably 15 or so. When I started seeing all the parts out on the table I was just in awe, and feeling very thankful to be able to have these parts.

As you can tell, I was very happy, haha.

So much detail. So much carbon fiber. We took a photo of the inside of the plenum, it looked so amazing. The level of detail and the smell of fresh carbon fiber is something so unique.

These snorkels inside the plenum are so cool to look at. They basically help make the sound of the "induction" noise much louder, especially from the outside if you're standing in front of the car.

High level of carbon fiber detail.

Eventuri Plenum / Airbox for S65 E92 M3

Eventuri Air Intake for S65 E92 M3

All the parts laid out.

My airbox is #0189. "The art of airflow"

I needed a thumbnail picture, haha. But I went with a different one.

After unboxing all these parts, I uploaded the video and then scheduled a morning to go to my shop Precision Dynamics in Costa Mesa, California. They're my go to shop here in Southern California. The owner Mike has been my great friend for over 4 years or so. He's the only one who I let touch my car to be honest. He was just as excited as I was to get this one, plus share some great information during the install video.

I put everything back in the boxes, waited a few days and then it was time...

We pulled off the OEM plenum, intake and all the covers. We pulled it into a better spot with brighter lights that would allow us to see more of the carbon. It was time to put everything on. If you watch the video, you can see that Mike had to do a few things before to get everything to fit. These are all just photos I had off of my phone that I wanted to share since they didn't really get posted anywhere besides the @SpencerBerkeGarage Instagram account.

I always love seeing my car torn apart, haha. I tend to learn something new almost every time that I see my car on a lift or with the hood open. I knew that in just a few moments I'd have some of the most amazing carbon fiber under my hood.

We laid out all the parts on a cloth to show the difference in the video of weight, the inside of the plenum, the airbox, intake covers, everything. It was pretty cool to see it all laid out, along with testing the differences between each part.

A look inside the OEM plenum for the S65 engine. You can see there's a lot of turbulence and crazy bumps when compared to the Eventuri plenum.

Inside the Eventuri Airbox Plenum. You can see the crazy dry carbon fiber work throughout the entire airbox.

After all the filming we had done talking about the air flow, quality of products, etc, it was time to do the install. I filmed it all going on and my first reaction. This right here is the final product (Without the carbon air intake cover on)... I was blown away at how amazing it looked under the hood. It had no M3 V8 logo, so we had to pull it off my other plenum and put it on which wasn't a big deal at all. It definitely completes the look having the logo on there, but the carbon alone was just insanely beautiful.

(This is what it looked like before)

I really liked the air intake being exposed since the red filter stood out so much, but the carbon fiber cover looked amazing as well. We took a few videos of the car revving with the cover off, and then we put the M logo on as well as the cover to finalize the install.

I had a chance to go for a drive afterwards, which I was so excited to do. Here's the full install + my reaction on video.

The engine bay needed a solid detail, so we cleaned it up a bit, got the cover on and the logo. I kind of just stood back in awe and pure excitement that THIS was MY car...

Does it make a big difference in sound?

Eventuri quotes - "Although there isn’t a performance gain from the carbon plenum, the induction sound generated takes the driving experience of the M3 to a whole new level. The raw V8 rumble gives the M3 an almost CSL like sound and is truly an intoxicating experience. We went through several iterations using different carbon thicknesses to fine tune the sound and the resulting plenum generates an almost unbelievable induction volume and tone."

My personal thoughts... YES, it makes the car x10000 better. When you have a quieter exhaust you can hear the intake system a lot from inside the cabin. When you have a loud exhaust, not as much. But anytime you give it full throttle and it gets up to about 4krpm, from that point up to 8400... wow, it's like your in a DTM racecar. It sounds like so much air is getting sucked into the engine at once. It's an entirely different experience compared to having a crazy loud exhaust or tune. It's a VERY classy and purist type of feeling.

I had this entire system installed roughly 1 month ago. I've been daily driving my M3 around town here in Irvine, California. I've had a lot of complements on the looks and sound of this system.

Performance Numbers

Intake System

Performance Gain Dyno: 8-10hp, 10-12ft-lb

Performance Gain Road Dyno (Insoric): 16hp, 14Nm

IAT Difference with Ambient: Stock 7.5C : Eventuri 4.5C

V-Box Acceleration : 100-200kph Reduced By 0.3 Seconds

Performance Gain Road Dyno (Insoric): 16hp, 14Nm

The system was also tested using a road based measurement device (Insoric). On the road, the airflow is a lot better than the fan can achieve on the dyno and so the intake system is able to perform better. The following graph shows the difference the Eventuri intake makes on the road compared with the stock airbox. The measured gains were 16Hp and 14Nm : Solid lines show with the Eventuri and dashed lines are with stock airbox. Red line is power at the crank and blue line is at the wheels.

"The BMW E9X M3 Eventuri intake system is the result of extensive research and optimisation which improves possibly one of the best designed stock intake systems we have seen. The E9X stock airbox system is a brilliantly designed intake with an excellent flow path and feed system for ambient air. However on closer inspection, there are restrictions in the inlet tube connecting the airbox to the inlet manifold. By redesigning the tube yet maintaining the airbox, we have been able to allow the V8 engine to breathe with greater efficiency and therefore gain power. In addition to the new tube design, we also identified a further restriction in the air feed system. To overcome this we designed a scoop to allow an increase in airflow through the airbox. This reduces inlet temperature values further and adds to the performance gain of the system."

Is it worth it?

Do I think it's worth it? To be honest, yes. When you start putting quality product on your car it changes your mindset on how you treat it. You start to look at how these cars were designed and you appreciate them in a new aspect. When you take the time to understand that this V8 is one of the best engines ever created, you appreciate that fact that you can hear it better now... not the exhaust, but the engine actually operating and pulling air in. The air intake DOES make a difference in power.

I noticed that I picked up some mid range power, along with better throttle response. I'm not sure if it sounds crazy, but it's awesome to know that your car is getting cleaner air and better air throughout your driving experience. Every time that I get in this car it now feels like an experience, it's not just driving from A to B.

It's definitely a flex, but it's a beautiful way to set up your engine bay to look x10 better, along with sound like a racecar under load. The price tag is hefty for the "small" amount of horsepower you get, but if you're really focused on trying to get power, go supercharge your car. I personally don't like superchargers on these E9X's. Having a nicely done S65 is plenty of power to have fun. You're able to understand that you don't always need to go fast in a straight line. Once you take this car into a few turns and you hear that plenum going to work, you'll get hooked on the naturally aspirated sound.

Eventuri Plenum / Airbox for S65 E92 M3

Eventuri Air Intake for S65 E92 M3

If you look at all the other parts, let's say suspension, wheels, exhaust... at the top tier level, each one of those parts cost around $3k to $8k each. You know that when you install those parts you're getting the best of the best. This Eventuri setup just matches everything else on the car when you take it to the top tier level of modifications.

These photos were taken awhile back, but since then I had removed my headlights and went back to OEM. I also put my OEM grills back on, and removed the canards. I have plans to go with a few different products on the vehicle. Point being is that Eventuri helped me "mature" into a new stage of building my E92 M3. How so?

It taught me that putting quality parts on your car isn't just to flex or show off on social media, it taught me to appreciate this car for what it really is. It inspired me to look into Ohlins suspension and Recaro seats and Akra exhaust... It inspired me to be a better example of how to build an M3 for the community. It helped me grow up into a new person to understand the importance of you get what you pay for. So for that, thank you Eventuri for teaching me a new chapter of my life as I build my M3 to be the best version possible. And thank you Eventuri for providing me with a new found love of this E92 M3.

You can grab your Eventuri products by clicking here

Thanks for reading.

-Spencer Berke

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